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We want athletes (a/k/a cancer survivors) to have fun and achieve their dreams and goals. We will be with you every step of the way and you must be consistent in your training and make a commitment. We can start the training program for 1-2 months, then make sure you want to continue. No pressure, just encouragement.

Getting Started
Your Responsibility

  • Have Fun 

  • Chat with us and decide if you want to move forward

  • Get Doctor's approval to start training (yes, it must be documented) 

  • Fill out questionnaire and work with coach on a training plan with weight lifting

  • Train, adjust, train, adjust, train, adjust

  • Maybe focus on one sport to improve while the other two get some attention

  • Sign up for a race (you will be reimbursed the entry fee when you complete race and send us a photo)

  • Get fitted for your Triathlon Over Cancer Race Kit made by Santini (see Gallery for photo)

  • Finish the Race

  • Send us a photo for our website

Equipment: Goggles, bathing suit, bike, helmet, bike shoes, sneakers (socks), smart watch with heart rate monitor, and maybe a wetsuit. You must have access to a swimming pool or a body of water for your entire journey with known distances..

Where Do I start? We will help you with suggestions on how to proceed with your equipment.

Getting Started
Our Responsibility

Whether you have done a triathlon before or are just starting out with that goal, we will help you prepare and train for success! We will interview you, discuss your goals, decide on a training plan, pick a race at some point and work closely with you.

We will get you in the best shape possible. You will be ready for your triathlon in terms of swim, bike and run ability. We will want you to lift weights. No not huge free weights, but light weights to strengthen your muscles to manage training and help against injuries. We will prepare you for the mental part of the challenge and review your recovery. Every step of the way we are with you to get you ready, to discuss concerns, fears, strengths & weaknesses. You will have the confidence to perform at your highest level for the event. We will discuss the logistics of the race such as packing, parking, what to eat the night before, and transition set up. You will be ready for anything. Will something go wrong, maybe. The training and racing is an adventure but you will be able to manage the journey with great skill and understand what it takes to complete a triathlon.

We will provide all training for free. We will provide you, at no cost, a Triathlon Over Cancer racing kit. And we will reimburse you the race fee when you send us a photo crossing the finish line while wearing your Triathlon Over Cancer kit so we can post the photo on our website..

We will continue on your triathlon journey, if you want. Plan on doing another race, longer race? Need a training plan, coaching, etc. We will provide that for free. We will reimburse your race entry fee. All we would like is your photo crossing the finish line wearing our kit. Triathlon can be a new lifestyle for you and we will be there for your entire journey, whenever you need us.


Our training plans are customized to your needs and available time.

There are as many training plans as there are individuals. We build your training plan and goals based on how much time you have. Time includes actual training time plus travel time to get to the pool, biking area, gym, etc. as well as cool down time, shower, and decompression time.


An athlete can train 3, 4, 5, 6 or more hours a week of actual training but with driving to the gym, pool, etc., warming up, cooling down, showering, driving home or to work and mental decompression, the time will be longer based on the convenience of your training locations.


The sample plans below are for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. Everyone is different, has different skill sets, and we will make a plan just for you. And we will adjust the plan as we move forward. The plans below are meant to illustrate the time commitment and length of the plan. Every plan will be different and tailored to your journey.

Training Plan 1

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Sample Beginner Training Plan Screenshot

Training Plan 2

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Sample Intermediate Training Plan Screenshot

Training Plan 3

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Sample Advanced Training Plan Screenshot

As you look back, you will think more about the things you did not do than the things that you did. So why not join us on a journey to complete a triathlon?

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